What is the meaning of it?

Chapter 1 – Bacon and Eggs.

The corpse had been methodically drained of all it’s blood, and all of it’s veins and arteries had been pumped full of the hot and sticky cum of wild gophers, but these where no ordinary gophers, they where diabetic gophers. Someone had been feeding these little fuckers sugar, and they had done a damn good job of it too.

Surrounding the corpse where hundreds of pieces of neatly folded paper. Each and every piece had been inscribed with sorrowful messages, the messages seemed to be a set of wishes made to the corpse on behalf of orphaned children. Some of them expressed their desire for having real parents, while other simply wished for candy or toys.

The room the corpse was in had been decorated in a traditional feng shui style, this resulted in the room having a good mix of balance and harmony, allowing the chi to flow freely.

When confronted with such a sight, any normal man would panic. A normal man might vomit or pass out, he may even scream and try to run away, but not me, not now, not when so many where depending on me. In my line of work you have to learn to deal with your fears and anxieties, you have to confront them head on and keep pushing, never slowing down, never looking back. There was work to be done, I knew what I had to do.

Acting swiftly I reached for the phone, and I dialled up customer support to complain and try to get some answers. I was greeted by an automated message, who asked me to push certain numbers on my phone for certain services. “For account management press one, for billing press two, for all other services please hold the line” said the message. For a moment I breathed a sigh of relief, it looked like my problems would soon be over, and so, I held the line.

None of the countless horrors I had ever witnessed in my life, could have possibly prepared me for the torment and anguish that was about to come to pass. Never, even in my darkest nightmares, had I ever envisioned such a macabre and diabolical thing. Believe me, nothing on land or the seven seas can ever prepare a man, for an ordeal like the one that was now facing me.

Like the glowing eyes of wild animals in the dark, the horrible truth gazed in to my soul. For you see, the ugly truth was that I had just been connected to a Pakistani woman who did not speak English properly. She was hard to understand, and her vocabulary was poorly lacking. How could I ever explain to her the dilemma of the corpse, when she did not even know what the word corpse meant, much less what “full of sticky diabetic gopher cum” means.

I did not read more than a sentence and I’m sure nobody else will.





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Feng shui para tu casa

En muchas ocasiones solemos decorar nuestro hogar sin pensar que la disposición de los objetos puede influir en nuestro bienestar, “Feng shui en tu casa” te ofrece unos consejos básicos para que decores tu hogar de manera que puedas optimizar la energía a tu favor.

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Feng Shui & Real Estate – Element of Water or Blue color

Feng Shui & Real Estate – The Perfect Couple

The luck of BLUE color. Blue has always been associated with good luck. to the Chinese, blue signifies WATER which means wealth. To the Christians blue means HEAVEN so it is the colour of the DIVINE. The power of BLUE gave rise to this ditty: “Touch the blue, your wish come true” Brides of course always have “something blue” on them for good long term luck!

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What is the best way to rearrange my bedroom?

I would like to rearrange my bedroom by the principles of feng shui, but at the moment I feel most of the energy is on the left side of the room where my wardrobe and 2 desks are.

I have drawn a rough layout of my room, and hope to read a few tips ^_^

That’s pretty much all I have to say
The layout

Thank you!
Again, I’d really appreciate it if dumb cynical ‘know-it-alls’ didn’t answer if they’re not going to help.

Your bed is the most important feng shui piece of furniture in your entire life.
The role of the feng shui of your bed and your bedroom will affected in relation to your health, your well-being, as well as the quality of your relationships.

If you are Feng Shui believer, you can try to Do-It-Yourself your room feng shui by using this apps


It will help you to reckon good feng shui bedroom based on your gender and birth date.

How to get increased productivity at work?

Any tips or advice to improve employee productivity would be great! Thank you!

My mother in law worked at Blue Cross / Blue Shield, a really boring healthcare insurance provide in the states. They have tons of clients! They are one of the biggest companies in the US. I think they have over 2,000 employees. So you can imagine that productivity is essential, but how when you’re just another number, right?!

Anyways, she worked in the customer service department and was SO excited when they announced they would be making some design changes to where everyone was sitting. Soon all the offices had a huge area of natural light (not the draining cubicle light) and there was a detachable wall to make different spaces. It was really cool!

So I think if you want to add a little feng shui to your productivity list, you’ll not only increase productivity but also make your employees happy to come work. Hope this helps!

Cell phone service stopped?

So since like 2am this morning, everybody has been getting between 0 and 1 bars of service. My friends, my family, even people in other towns. What’s going on? Do they have to shut off the tower for maintenance or what? To send a message, I have to hold my phone up, and put my other hand above it cupped like a little dish to feng shui the signal or something. Kind of like how you can change radio signal by moving your arms and position. But why is this happening now? It’s been 12 hours and still terrible service.

So since like 2am this morning, everybody has been getting between 0 and 1 bars of service. My friends, my family, even people in other towns. What’s going on?
————- classic network outage

Do they have to shut off the tower for maintenance or what?
————- yes, do you even know or comprend the amount of wattage that runs through a typical cell tower?!?!?!??!!?!??!!?!?!??!?!?!?! Put it this way, if a deer broke in and chewed a wire, it wont have a mouth afterwards…

To send a message, I have to hold my phone up, and put my other hand above it cupped like a little dish to feng shui the signal or something. Kind of like how you can change radio signal by moving your arms and position. But why is this happening now?
———- outages can be caused by bad storms, natural disasters, power fluxes in the grid, wild life, faulty nodes, etc etc etc etc……. or…. this is a known outage due to system maintanence…. 40% of your monthly bill goes to Tower UpKeep, just an FYI.

It’s been 12 hours and still terrible service.
———- cmplaining about it on Yahoo Answers wont solve anything…. call yoru carrier and report it………… since its been 12 hours, you iether had some terrible natural disaster, or no one in your home area has called your carrier yet, being morons, and thinking this is normal… omfg.. lmao… thats the common American for ya….. drink the kool-aid and go with the flow

tele seminars – How do you do it?

I’m looking to do a tele seminar on feng shui and wellness. What I would like to do is have a phone conference with everyone but also show them a presentation on powerpoint during the session…
What does everyone recommend as far as which service to use? I was told web ex is good but that looks like it is for better communication with colleagues. What I want is to actually make money when people sign up for it…. anyone have any input? 😉 thanks!

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So, I Walked Away from my other home business and started on the new venture. The very first month I earned over a thousand dollars. Check it out if you are serious about building a solid residual income. (link below)
Good luck!

Saying to one type of guests but not another?

I work at a culturally diverse hotel. we have a lot of international guests that stay, Having working in the hotel business I have come to see that certain types of guests like one thing and others like another..

When I check a guests in that I know likes that we have irons in our rooms, I say to them (esp. if they have never stayed with us before.) that there is an iron and iron board in their closet. Or another type of guest that I know likes tea.. I tell them there are tea bags near the coffee maker in the room..

a co worker thinks I am being racist and I shouldn’t assume that just because a number of guests from the same country that like this or that, that all will.

I have not had a problem and none of the guests know I am doing this..

It it wrong.??

No, it’s just a fact.
My real estate agent knows that with her Asian clients, houses needed to be "Feng Shui-ed" or else, her clients are not going to be interested. It’s just business.

And I think you’re actually providing better customer service by trying to figure out people’s needs before they request it.